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In recent times, Civil War re-enactment groups have become popular, to relive the adventures of the Civil War period. They visit historic sites, reenact marches and battles, and wear authentic period clothing, military uniforms, and weapons. 1973 saw the organization of a now well known Civil War study group at Historic Fort Snelling, Minnesota. They call themselves the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry in honor of the famed unit from the state.

One of the people signing up for the regiment in 1975 was John Palmer, he offered his services as their chaplain. In a desire to make his chaplain role authentic, and to encourage the formation of like efforts, Palmer worked to reactivate the Northwestern Branch of the U.S.C.C.  In accordance with their original purpose, the reactivated Christian Commission appoints chaplains and delegates to serve under them and to minister to the spiritual needs of the solders. The chaplain is available for spiritual counsel as he  takes part in the meetings of the Minnesota Regiment at the old fort barracks and their field trips. He conducts chapel services whenever possible during Sunday assemblies.

Chaplain Palmer Praying before a meal.

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